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Unikitty!: Sparkle Party (DVD)

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20 episodes from the first season of the children's animated series.

The show follows the adventures of Princess Unikitty (voice of Tara Strong) and her friends - brother Prince Puppycorn (Grey Griffin), scientist Dr Fox (Kate Micucci), bodyguard Hawkodile (Roger Craig Smith) and Lego brick Richard (also Smith) - in the magical land of Unikingdom.

The episodes are: 'Spoooooky Game', 'Sparkle Matter Matters', 'No Day Like Snow Day', 'Action Forest', 'Kaiju Kitty', 'Fire and Nice', 'Rock Friend', 'Kitchen Chaos', 'Crushing Defeat', 'Wishing Well', 'Hide N' Seek', 'Stuck Together', 'Little Prince Puppycorn', 'Pet Pet', 'Kitty Court', 'Birthday Blowout', 'Lab Cat', 'The Zone', 'Too Many Unikitties' and 'Unikitty News'.

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Unikitty!: Sparkle Party (DVD) - Inspire Newquay

Unikitty!: Sparkle Party (DVD)


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