Tap Tap Smart Fidget Assorted

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This item is assorted. One will be chosen at random. Contact us if you have a character preference and we'll do our best to accomodate you, though this might not always be possible.

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Tap Tap Smart Fidget is the palm-size gadget for antsy fingers!

Tap Tap includes five fun games specifically targeting memory, focus, hand-eye coordination, critical thinking and motor skills. Simply tap and slide the light up squares and let your fidgety fingers fly! Challenge yourself or play against friends ... the hardest thing will be putting it down! Games include; Stop & Go, Raindrops, Eat Greens, Match It! and Copy That!

  • Stop & Go: Tap the green pixels as they appear but avoid the red pixels or the game is over!
  • Raindrops: Use the joystick to move the green pixel left and right, avoiding the blue pixels to stay out of the rain!
  • Eat Greens: Avoid the rabbit (red pixels) and use the joystick to eat all the green pixels!
  • Match It!: Tap the pixels to find the matching colour pairs!
  • Copy It!: Watch the sequence then repeat it by pressing the same colours!

The display will show your score after each round and there are four bright colour devices - black, orange, purple and blue - to collect.

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Tap Tap Smart Fidget Assorted - Inspire Newquay

Tap Tap Smart Fidget Assorted


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