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Elf Monopoly

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Experience all the magical moments of Elf, now with your own custom edition of MONOPOLY! Take a journey to festive NYC destinations like Santa’s Workshop and Gimbels Toy Department as you collect and trade wondrous landmarks.

Create a property empire with apartment buildings and skyscrapers that will charge your opponents top rent. Gather the four main food groups and spread Christmas cheer, but watch out for Office Coffee and Printing Error penalties while you’re at Hobbs & Son Publishing.

Contents include:
• Gameboard
• 6 x bespoke tokens
• 28 x Title Deed cards
• 16 x Christmas Spirit cards
• 16 x Christmas Cheer cards
• 1 pack of MONOPOLY money
• 32 x apartments
• 12 x skyscrapers
• 2 x dice
• 2 x instructions

This special edition of MONOPOLY also contains six exclusive custom tokens: Santa’s Bag, Polar Bear Cub, Coffee Mug, Jack-in-the-Box, Santa’s Sleigh and Maple Syrup.

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Elf Monopoly - Inspire Newquay

Elf Monopoly


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