Bumbumz 7.5" KitchenBumz: Samara

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Meet Samara, the delightful Bumbumz KitchenBumz plush toy! Samara measures 7.5 inches and is ready to join your child on imaginative culinary adventures.

Bumbumz KitchenBumz plush toys are known for their charming designs and soft, cuddly bodies, and Samara is no exception. With her friendly expression and lovable appearance, Samara is the perfect companion for playtime and cuddling.

Whether your child is pretending to cook up delicious meals, serve tea at a make-believe cafe, or simply looking for a huggable friend at bedtime, Samara is there to provide comfort and entertainment.

Collect all the Bumbumz KitchenBumz characters to create a plush culinary crew that your child will adore. Samara and her fellow plush pals are eager to be part of your child's imaginative kitchen play, adding joy and creativity to every playtime session.

Invite Samara into your home today and watch as your child's play kitchen adventures become even more enjoyable with this charming plush buddy by their side.

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Bumbumz 7.5" KitchenBumz: Samara - Inspire Newquay

Bumbumz 7.5" KitchenBumz: Samara


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