Battleheads Blind Bags

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This item is assorted. One will be chosen at random. Contact us if you have a character preference and we'll do our best to accomodate you, though this might not always be possible.

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Each blind bag contains 1 surprise Battle Head together with a collector guide.

There are 90 different Battle Heads to collect, including rare silver and gold pieces!

How to play!

Offering long lasting, repeat play value, Battle Heads can be battled in multiple ways. Their main defence, they can shoot their jaw!

Kids simply press the top of their Battle Heads to send their jaws flying at the enemy. Recharge the jaw by simply sliding it back into the Battle Head. Knock the opposition down with the Battle Head’s jaw to eliminate them and continue to survive.

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Battleheads Blind Bags - Inspire Newquay

Battleheads Blind Bags


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