Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Storm Strike Starter Set


Venture into the war-torn realms! The Mortal Realms are the dominion of tyrants, monsters and ghosts. Only the strong survive, but Sigmar’s chosen may yet turn the tide…

Rising up from the Realm of Death, the Nighthaunts come to sow terror across the lands. The Stormcast Eternals stand ready to purge their enemy from existence, delivering justice to the wicker in the name of their god-King Sigmar!

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This Box Contains:

80-Page Introduction Book
16- Page Core Rules Booklet
9 Warscroll Cards
1 Dice Pack
1 Ranger Ruler
1 Playing Mat
2 Armies of Citadel Miniatures – Storm Cast Eternals In Gold and Nighthaunts In Green
3 Sequitors
3 Castigators
1 Gryph-hound
4 Glaivewraith Stalkers
4 Myrmourn Banshees


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