Warhammer: 40,0000 – Dark Imperium The Ultimate Boxed Set


In the grim darkness of the fat future there is only one war. Across the war-torn battlefields of the 41st millennium mankind battles for survival against myriad horrifying foes. The Warhammer 40,000 range of citadel miniaturws captures that grim future in fabulous detail, while the content of this box provides you with all the gritty background information and exciting rules you need to recreate these tales of battle on tabletop.

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280 Page Warhammer 40,000 Book
24- Page Primaris Space Marine Booklet
24- Page Death Guard Booklet
Range Ruler
12 Dice

53 Citadel Miniatures!


-1 Captain
-2 Lieutenants
-1 Ancient
-1o Intercessors
-3 Interceptors
-5 Hellblasters


-1 Lord of Contagion
-1 Noxious Blightbringer
-1 Malignant Plaguecaster
-7 Plague Marines
-1 Foetid Bloat-drone
-20 Poxwalkers


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